Converting a Jeep CJ-7 to a CJ-8 Scrambler


casey: I guess I'll find out tomorrow. Maybe I should just e-mail Ed Sexton and ask directly. Mar 9, 2015 20:36:24 GMT -5
mikemodeler: Ed is a class guy. I interviewed with him 20 years ago. Came down to me and another guy, and he got the job because he was an aviation expert. Ed didn't need another car guy LOL! Mar 9, 2015 20:37:57 GMT -5
casey: Yeah, I thought he was very nice, too. Definitely overworked and undersupported, too. Mar 9, 2015 20:39:47 GMT -5
mikemodeler: Corporate America can really drain one's desire to work hard. Mar 9, 2015 20:44:43 GMT -5
casey: I'm sure that job is very stressful Mar 9, 2015 20:46:15 GMT -5
mikemodeler: I am thinking about ordering one of the 3500 HD conversion kits from Motor City Resin. Kevin's stuff is so nice! Thinking of making a wrecker with it. Mar 9, 2015 20:46:41 GMT -5
mikemodeler: Yep. Doing more with less. Mar 9, 2015 20:47:10 GMT -5
casey: The Chevy cab? Mar 9, 2015 20:47:39 GMT -5
casey: I think that was (is?) the Uptown Automotive cab that Jeff is now making, right? Mar 9, 2015 20:48:22 GMT -5
mikemodeler: Yes it is. Kinda pricey at $35, but am thinking it would make a cool rollback. Mar 9, 2015 20:50:02 GMT -5
casey: Well, if Jeff made it you know it will be worth the price, and it would make a cool rollback. Mar 9, 2015 20:51:45 GMT -5
mikemodeler: Yep, the stuff from DRAG is pretty much kit like. I have that mid 60's Ford shortbed pickup to build someday...... Mar 9, 2015 20:54:10 GMT -5
casey: That Ford N-series(?) Jeff offers looks really neat, too Mar 9, 2015 20:55:23 GMT -5
mikemodeler: I have the F 100; the N series doesn't do it for me, although it does look like a nice piece. I sure wish someone would create a 4wd chassis and long bed for the 64-65 Revell pickups. And we really need a new 67-72 Chevy pickup kit. Mar 9, 2015 20:59:04 GMT -5
mikemodeler: Kinda surprised that RC2 (or whatever they call themselves!) hasn't re-issued the 72 Chevy pickup? Mar 9, 2015 20:59:44 GMT -5
casey: That last one has to be on Moebius' someday/maybe in the future list Mar 9, 2015 21:00:24 GMT -5
mikemodeler: Yeah, they could clean up with that kit! They would do it right and probably have several versions, including a Suburban! Mar 9, 2015 21:02:10 GMT -5
casey: I'm sure they have enough future ideas to choose from already, though. THey have, what, five kits coming out this year? Mar 9, 2015 21:04:26 GMT -5
mikemodeler: Gonna say good night, I have a long day tomorrow. I'll check in later this week. Mar 9, 2015 21:04:33 GMT -5
casey: G'night, Mike. ;) Mar 9, 2015 21:05:49 GMT -5